Best Perm for Black Hair: Top Choices & Tips

Discovering the ideal perm for black hair involves blending product selection and mastering techniques for long-lasting, beautiful curls. Drawing from customer feedback and professional insights, we’ve curated a list of the top relaxers tailored to various preferences and hair types. Whether you’re after natural-looking curls, durability, or minimal upkeep, there’s a perfect perm option.

Top Picks for the Best Perm for Black Hair

In our quest for the ultimate perm for black hair, we’ve handpicked the top relaxers based on their efficacy, customer satisfaction, and suitability across diverse hair textures. These selections offer various benefits and styles to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Let’s delve into our top picks:

1. SoftSheen-Carson No-Lye Relaxer

Renowned for reliability, the SoftSheen-Carson No-Lye Relaxer is a favorite among those seeking effective perms for black hair. Its enriching formula, infused with shea butter, jojoba, and avocado oil, moisturizes and enhances shine, strength, and volume. Featuring a comprehensive kit including a healthy gloss conditioner and silk keratin serum, this relaxer ensures a frizz-free finish. Note, however, its potential for drying out thick black hair.

2. Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer

Standing out for its scalp-soothing properties, the Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer is crafted to promote scalp health while conditioning and fortifying the hair. Packed with aloe vera, calendula, and nourishing butter, it rejuvenates strands, imparting moisture and shine. It is ideal for those craving a conditioning and healing perm experience.

3. SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer

Tailored to minimize hair breakage, the SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer boasts a potent blend of ceramide and coconut oil. This powerhouse duo maintains hair moisture, bolstering strength and elasticity. With a complete kit ensuring thorough care from pre-treatment to leave-in strengthener, it’s a go-to option for combatting breakage. However, take heed of potential scalp irritation and its unsuitability for uncurling Caucasian hair.

4. ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer

For moisture-sealing prowess, the ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer reigns supreme. Enriched with olive oil and lanolin, it shields hair from damage while locking in essential moisture. Expect soft, silky locks that exude manageability and health. Although a separate neutralizing shampoo may be required, this relaxer offers a cost-effective solution for achieving smooth, straight hair.

5. TCB Hair Relaxer

Catering to protein needs, the TCB Hair Relaxer is specially formulated for African American hair. Its protein-rich composition, featuring natural oils and proteins, strengthens and protects strands during the relaxing process. With versatile straightening results across various textures, it’s a reliable choice for achieving sleek, manageable locks. Proceed with caution, mainly if your hair tends to be dry, to avoid over-processing.

These top picks for the best perm for black hair encompass an array of benefits, from conditioning and breakage reduction to moisture retention and protein infusion. When selecting your ideal perm, consider your hair’s unique requirements and style preferences, and consult a professional for tailored guidance.

Best Overall: SoftSheen-Carson No-Lye Relaxer

The SoftSheen-Carson No-Lye Relaxer is our top pick for the best overall perm for black hair. Boasting a nourishing blend of shea butter, jojoba, and avocado oil delivers moisture, shine, and volume to your curls. With a comprehensive kit ensuring a smooth, frizz-free finish, this relaxer offers a reliable solution for achieving sleek, shiny locks. Keep in mind its potential for dryness, particularly on thick black hair.

Best Conditioning Formula: Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer

For a pampering conditioning experience, look no further than the Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer. Crafted with scalp-soothing botanicals and enriching butter, it revitalizes strands while promoting scalp health. Say goodbye to dry, damaged hair and hello to rejuvenated locks brimming with moisture and shine.

SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer

Best For Reducing Hair Breakage: SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer

Combatting hair breakage is a breeze with the SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer. It fortifies strands, formulated with ceramide and coconut oil, enhancing strength and elasticity. Complete with a comprehensive kit for thorough care, it’s your go-to solution for minimizing breakage and achieving resilient, healthy hair.

Best Moisturizing Formula: ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer

Regarding moisture retention, the ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer reigns supreme. Infused with olive oil and lanolin, it seals in essential moisture, leaving hair soft, silky, and manageable. Embrace hydrated, healthy curls with this cost-effective moisturizing solution.

Best Protein-Enriched Formula: TCB Hair Relaxer

For protein-packed nourishment, the TCB Hair Relaxer is your go-to choice. Specially formulated for African American hair, it strengthens and protects strands during the relaxing process. Achieve sleek, straight results across various textures while infusing your curls with essential proteins for added resilience.

Best Perm Maintenance Tips for Black Hair

Once you’ve achieved your desired curls, maintaining them is key to preserving their beauty and longevity. Here are some expert tips for ensuring your perm stays stunning:

  1. Regular Professional Touch-ups: Consider scheduling regular touch-ups with a professional to maintain your curls’ straightness and reduce the risk of over-processing.
  2. Moisturize Regularly: Keep your curls hydrated using lightweight oils or leave-in conditioners to prevent dryness and maintain their health and vibrancy.
  3. Use Mild Shampoos: Opt for mild, moisturizing shampoos to cleanse your hair without stripping away essential oils and causing dryness.
  4. Limit Chemical Treatments: Minimize the frequency of chemical treatments, such as color treatments, to prevent damage to your curls. Instead, focus on protein treatments to nourish and strengthen your hair.

By following these expert tips, you can enjoy stunning, long-lasting curls with your chosen perm for black hair. Consult a professional for personalized advice and care tailored to your unique hair needs.


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