Best GoPro for the Money 2024: Top Picks:

Finding the best GoPro for the money is crucial if you’re in the market for a new action camera. With so many options available, choosing the right one that balances performance and affordability can be challenging. But worry not; we’ve got you covered!

This article will explore the top-rated GoPro cameras offering high-quality features at budget-friendly prices. Whether you’re a professional adventurer or a casual enthusiast, there’s a GoPro camera that suits your needs and budget.

We’ll introduce the GoPro HERO12 Black, our top pick for the best GoPro overall. This camera packs 5.3K/60p video, excellent image and horizon stabilization, and even supports Bluetooth headphone mics.

If you prioritize GPS functionality, the GoPro HERO11 Black is the perfect choice. It offers stunning 5.7K video, image stabilization, and impressive water resistance.

The GoPro Max is the go-to option for those looking to capture 360-degree footage. With high-res 5.6K 360 footage and exceptional microphone quality, this camera delivers immersive experiences.

Finally, the GoPro Hero10 Black is an outstanding budget option that doesn’t compromise performance. It boasts 5.3K capture and class-leading video stabilization.

With these reliable and cost-effective options, you can find the best GoPro camera that offers great value for your money in 2024. Let’s dive into the details and help you make an informed decision!

GoPro HERO12 Black

The GoPro HERO12 Black is the best GoPro camera on the market overall. It offers many features and performance capabilities, making it the top pick for professional filmmakers and adventure enthusiasts. With its advanced HDR video support, the HERO12 Black delivers stunning visuals with bluer skies and enhanced shadow detail, even in challenging lighting conditions.

This flagship model boasts a 10-bit GP-Log profile, allowing for precise and professional color correction during post-production. Its 8:7 aspect sensor caters perfectly to content creators on popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Whether shooting action-packed sports or breathtaking landscapes, the HERO12 Black has you covered with its 5.3K60, 4K120, and 2.7K240 video recording capabilities.

One feature of the HERO12 Black is its digital stabilization, which sets the industry standard. It ensures buttery-smooth footage, whether you’re recording while on the move or in challenging environments. Its front and rear displays also provide clear visibility for framing your shots and reviewing your content.

Designed for durability and versatility, the HERO12 Black is waterproof and withstand extreme conditions. It’s the perfect companion for underwater adventures or capturing thrilling moments in the rain.

Another unique feature of the HERO12 Black is its support for Bluetooth headphones, enabling high-quality audio recording. Now, you can truly immerse yourself in the action while capturing crystal-clear sound.

No matter your passion, the GoPro HERO12 Black delivers exceptional image and video quality, advanced features, and rugged reliability. It’s the ultimate GoPro experience for those seeking the best overall action camera.

gopro hero12 black

Capturing Extraordinary Moments

With the HERO12 Black, you have the power to capture extraordinary moments with unparalleled detail and clarity. Whether documenting your extreme sports adventures or creating cinematic masterpieces, this GoPro model is designed to exceed your expectations.

Thanks to its Hyperview angle, horizon-locked video, and various time-lapse modes, you can unleash your creativity and capture stunning footage from unique perspectives. Please don’t limit your ideas; let the HERO12 Black bring them to life.

Equipped with a tough and waterproof build, the HERO12 Black is ready to accompany you on any adventure. Its durability ensures it can withstand the rigors of your active lifestyle, from surfing and skiing to mountaineering and beyond. Focus on the experience while the HERO12 Black captures the memorable moments.

GoPro HERO11 Black

The GoPro HERO11 Black is the next best camera, especially for those prioritizing GPS functionality. This action camera offers stunning 5.7K video quality, allowing you to capture all your adventurous moments in vivid detail. Whether recording extreme sports or breathtaking landscapes, the HERO11 Black ensures smooth footage with advanced image stabilization technology.

One of the standout features of the HERO11 Black is its water resistance. With a waterproof rating of up to 33 feet, you can confidently use this camera in various water-based activities without worrying about damage. Capture stunning underwater shots and never miss a moment!

While it may not have all the latest features of the HERO12 Black, the HERO11 Black still delivers exceptional performance. Its GPS functionality adds another level of convenience, allowing you to track your journey and relive your adventures on a map. Whether exploring new trails or traveling to unfamiliar places, the built-in GPS feature enhances your overall experience.

With the HERO11 Black, you can have an amazing action camera that prioritizes essential features like image stabilization, water resistance, and high-quality video recording. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want reliable performance without compromising on the essentials.

Experience the incredible capabilities of the GoPro HERO11 Black and take your adventures to new heights.


The GoPro MAX is the best GoPro camera for capturing 360-degree footage. With its high-res 5.6K 360-degree capability, you can expect stunning and immersive visuals. Whether you’re a vlogger or a content creator looking to experiment with unique perspectives, the GoPro MAX covers you.

This powerful camera offers intuitive software tools that make editing your footage a breeze. With strong stabilization, you can say goodbye to shaky shots and hello to smooth and professional-looking videos. Plus, the integrated mounting clips provide easy positioning, allowing you to attach your GoPro MAX to various surfaces quickly.

But it doesn’t stop there. The GoPro MAX also delivers on audio quality. Its in-camera microphone captures crisp and clear audio, ensuring your videos sound as good as they look. So whether you’re capturing adventures or documenting special moments, you can trust the GoPro MAX to deliver high-quality, immersive content.

Moreover, the GoPro MAX is waterproof without needing a case, allowing you to capture underwater footage without any worries. Its durable design is built to withstand the elements, making it the perfect companion for outdoor escapades.

To give you an idea of the impressive capabilities of the GoPro MAX, take a look at the sample image below:

GoPro MAX sample image

As you can see, the GoPro MAX captures high-res 360-degree footage with remarkable detail and clarity. With its integration of cutting-edge technology and versatile features, the GoPro MAX is the best choice for anyone looking to elevate their content with immersive 360-degree visuals.

GoPro HERO10 Black

If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly GoPro camera, the GoPro HERO10 Black is the perfect choice. Its impressive features and affordable price point offer excellent value for money.

The HERO10 Black boasts 5.3K capture at up to 60fps, allowing you to capture incredibly detailed footage. It can also shoot 120fps and 4K videos, providing stunning slow-motion effects.

One of its standout features is its class-leading video stabilization, which ensures smooth and steady footage even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re capturing fast-paced action or recording adventure vlogs, the HERO10 Black will deliver exceptional results.

Another advantage of this camera is its front-facing color screen, which allows you to frame your shots perfectly and easily navigate menus and settings.

The HERO10 Black is also waterproof without needing an additional case, making it ideal for capturing underwater adventures. Its rugged build ensures durability and reliability in any environment.

Additionally, the HERO10 Black supports media mod accessories, enabling you to customize your camera setup based on your specific needs and preferences.

GoPro HERO10 Black

Should You Get a GoPro Subscription?

A GoPro Subscription service can enhance your experience with exclusive benefits. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a content creator, or love capturing life’s moments, a GoPro Subscription has something to offer.

One of the key advantages of a GoPro Subscription is the unlimited cloud storage it provides. This feature lets you securely store all your footage in the cloud, ensuring you never lose your precious memories.

Another convenient feature is the automatic footage upload. Once you connect your GoPro camera to your GoPro Subscription account, all your footage will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. No more hassle of manually transferring files!

But it doesn’t stop there. GoPro Subscription also offers AI-based editing tools, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly transform your raw footage into amazing videos. These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze your clips, identify the best moments, and add music and special effects. It’s like having a personal video editor at your fingertips!

And let’s not forget about the discounts on mounts and accessories. As a GoPro Subscription member, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of GoPro mounts and accessories, helping you capture your adventures from every angle.

A GoPro Subscription service offers different pricing tiers, allowing you to choose the level of features that best suits your needs. Whether you’re an occasional user or a professional content creator, you have a subscription plan.

If you’re an editor working on mobile devices, storing your footage in the cloud can be particularly advantageous. You can access your footage from anywhere, collaborate with others, and easily share your creations on social media.

So, getting a GoPro Subscription is worth considering if you want unlimited cloud storage, automatic footage upload, AI-based editing tools, and discounts on mounts and accessories. It’s a cost-effective investment that enhances your GoPro experience and helps you unleash your creativity.

gopro subscription

Buying Guide: The Best GoPro for 2024

Choosing the best GoPro for your needs requires careful consideration of various factors. You can find a GoPro model that suits your requirements by evaluating these factors. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

Video and Photo Resolution

Consider the desired video and photo resolution for your GoPro. Higher resolutions offer more detailed footage and images but may require more storage space.

Display Features

Check for display features like touchscreens or front-facing screens that enable easy framing and reviewing of shots.

Slo-Mo Capabilities

If slow-motion video is important, ensure the GoPro you choose has the desired frame rate options for capturing captivating slow-motion footage.

Livestreaming Options

To livestream your adventures, look for a GoPro with reliable live-streaming capabilities and compatible apps or platforms.

HDR Support

High Dynamic Range (HDR) support is worth considering if you aim to capture stunning, well-balanced footage with enhanced colors and details.

Motion Stabilization

If you engage in high-action activities, opt for a GoPro with advanced motion stabilization technology to ensure smooth and steady footage.

Microphone Options

If audio quality is a priority, choose a GoPro with external microphone support or excellent built-in microphones.

Water Resistance

It’s essential to assess the degree of water resistance required for your GoPro, depending on the activities you’ll be engaging in.

Battery Life

Consider the battery life of different GoPro models, especially if you anticipate extended filming sessions without the ability to recharge.


Factor in the portability and compactness of a GoPro, especially if you plan to use it in situations where size and weight matter.

This buying guide should help you narrow your options and identify the best GoPro for your needs. Take your time to assess your requirements and compare the features and specifications of different models. With the right GoPro, you’ll be ready to capture your adventures in stunning detail.

The Best Waterproof Cameras for 2024

If you’re an avid underwater photographer or someone who loves capturing breathtaking moments beneath the surface, investing in a high-quality waterproof camera is essential. While GoPro cameras are a popular choice, there are other options available that are worth considering.

Regarding waterproof action cameras, several top picks stand out in 2024. These cameras offer impressive features and are specifically designed to excel in underwater photography. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual adventurer, these cameras cater to a wide range of needs and budgets.

One of the top contenders is the Olympus Tough TG-6. It boasts exceptional durability, with a waterproof rating of up to 50 feet and a shockproof rating of up to 7 feet. The TG-6 also offers 4K video recording, high-resolution still images, and advanced shooting modes tailored for underwater environments.

Another excellent option is the Nikon COOLPIX W300. This rugged camera is waterproof up to 100 feet and freeze-proof to 14°F, making it ideal for extreme conditions. It features 4K UHD video, built-in GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless image sharing.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Fujifilm XP140 is a reliable choice. With its 82-foot waterproof capability, shock resistance, and 4K burst shooting, the XP140 offers great value for underwater photography enthusiasts.

When selecting a waterproof camera, consider the depth rating, image and video quality, durability, and additional features that match your specific needs and budget. Whether diving into the ocean depths or snorkeling in a crystal-clear lagoon, these top picks in 2024 will ensure you easily capture stunning underwater moments.


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