Soothe Your Skin: Best Cream for Sunburn Relief

Did you know that one of every three Americans gets sunburned yearly?

Sunburns vary from mild redness to painful blisters. Finding the best cream for sunburn relief is critical to feeling better.

Wondering how to choose a suitable cream? We’ve done the work for you. Here, you’ll find top sunburn relief options recommended by dermatologists.

Looking for aloe vera gel, itch-relief cream, or bandages? We have what you need to be covered. Please explore the most effective sunburn creams and learn how they soothe your skin.

Best Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburns: Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel

Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel is a top pick for sunburns. It’s excellent at soothing and gentle on your skin.

It’s advised to use aloe vera products to help with sunburns. This gel is packed with aloe vera’s cooling and calming benefits. It eases the pain and redness of sunburns.

This gel is perfect for the whole body, including your face. It works well for mild sunburns and even severe ones. It’s a one-stop solution for dealing with sunburns.

Choose from either an 8-ounce bottle or a bigger 16-ounce one. It’s easy to spread and quickly gets absorbed by your skin. This leaves your skin feeling calm and well-moisturized.

If you need an excellent aloe vera gel for sunburns, try Banana Boat. It’s effective, easy to apply, and very soothing. It’s a top pick for handling sunburns.

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Best Itch-Relief Cream for Sunburns: Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Plus Moisturizing Cream

Are you feeling the itch and pain of a sunburn? Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Plus Moisturizing Cream is a top pick for relief. It’s made to help with sunburn itch.

This cream has 1% hydrocortisone to stop itching fast. It also has aloe vera to moisten and heal the skin. These ingredients work well together.

The cream is free of smells and great for those with sensitive skin. A 2-ounce tube means you can take it anywhere. It helps with all degrees of sunburn.

Just put a little on and softly rub it in. Don’t use too much, and never on cuts. For bad or staying itches, talk to a doctor.

Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Plus Moisturizing Cream
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Best Bandages for Blistered Sunburns: All Health Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages

For blistered sunburns, specialists suggest All Health Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages. They protect the blister, letting it heal better. These bandages act like a barrier, stopping things that could worsen the blister.

These bandages are made for sunburn blisters. They stick well even if you sweat or get wet. Plus, they feel cool and reduce pain. Since they’re see-through, you can see how the blister is healing without removing the bandage.

All Health Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages are simple to put on and can be worn for up to a week. They help the blister heal without getting worse. You can get them in packs of three, six, or 20, depending on how many you need.

Bandages with hydrocolloids are great for sunburn. They make healing faster and keep you from having more issues. Try All Health Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages if you have a blistered sunburn. They work well.

hydrocolloid bandages for sunburn
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Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe

Looking for a new choice besides aloe vera gel? Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe is a great option. It’s made for people who like creams more than gels. This cream hydrates deep and soothes sunburned skin, thanks to aloe vera and vitamin E.

This cream is free of fragrance and doesn’t clog pores. It’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. You won’t feel greasy because it’s light and gets absorbed quickly.

Is your sunburn light or severe? This cream can ease the pain, calm the redness, and help your skin heal. The mix of aloe vera’s gentleness and vitamin E’s moisture makes this cream essential for sunburn care.

You can get this cream in three sizes: 3, 8, and 16 ounces. Pick the size that fits your needs. Its small size makes it easy to take with you for quick relief.

Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe is a smart pick for sunburn care. Aloe vera and vitamin E in this cream provide hydration and soothe skin. Care for your skin after sun exposure with Cetaphil Soothing Gel Cream with Aloe.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

If you have sunburn, especially peeling, turn to CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It has ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are great for your skin. They help restore its natural barrier and keep it moist. This boosts the healing process.

The cream is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it’s safe for all skins, even sensitive ones. You won’t have to deal with bad smells or worry about getting acne from it.

You can get CeraVe Moisturizing Cream in many sizes. Choose a 19-ounce tub for home, a 16-ounce tub with a pump for easier use, or a small one for travel. This means you can have it ready to use at any time.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is your solution for sunburn. It’s time to let your skin heal with CeraVe.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray

Choose Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray for sunburned skin for quick relief. It’s light and non-greasy. The spray includes aloe vera, great for cooling and moisturizing. This makes it perfect for soothing sunburns.

This spray is quickly absorbed and feels refreshing. It’s handy for sudden sunburns in summer. Its bottle is easy to use, reaching even tricky spots with ease.

The 6.5-ounce bottle is excellent for when you’re on the go. Throw it in your beach bag or carry-on. It’s perfect for beach days, trips, or outdoor fun, offering essential sunburn care.

Choose the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray for easy aloe vera relief. It ends sunburn discomfort and brings soothing hydration.

Additional Tips for Sunburn Care

Using a spray like Vaseline Intensive Care is key, but remember these tips too:

  • Stay hydrated with lots of water for skin healing.
  • Avoid the sun and cover up with loose clothes and sunscreen.
  • Go for lukewarm, not hot, water in baths or showers, to avoid more drying.
  • Regularly moisturize to prevent peeling and keep skin soft.
  • If pain or severe symptoms occur, see a doctor.

Combine these tips with Vaseline Intensive Care. This routine will effectively soothe and heal your sunburned skin.


Aquaphor is well-known for helping to soothe and heal sunburns. This ointment is based on petroleum jelly. It creates a barrier that traps moisture. This helps the skin heal faster.

It comes in different types like ointment, spray, and Vaseline spray. So, picking the right one is easy. Each type works by sealing your skin to keep it moist.

Keep Aquaphor with you to tackle sunburns fast. Use it regularly on your sunburnt skin for quick relief. Aquaphor helps your skin heal so you can enjoy the sun again.

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