Best Dishwasher Cleaners to Keep Your Machine Running

​Keeping your dishwasher clean is essential for maintaining its performance and extending its lifespan. Over time, dishwashers can accumulate grime, odors, and mineral deposits that can affect their efficiency and leave your dishes less than sparkling.

That’s why finding the best cleaner for your dishwasher is crucial to ensure it remains in optimal condition. In this article, we will explore some of the top dishwasher cleaners available on the market, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, whether you’re dealing with stubborn stains or looking to prevent future build-up, discover the best dishwasher cleaners to keep your machine running smoothly and your dishes looking their best.

​Here are a Few Popular Choices of Dishwasher Cleaners

Smart Choice Dishwasher Cleaner

The Smart Choice 10SCPROD02 Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner has 6 treatments to ensure your dishwasher remains in top-notch condition. The probiotics in this cleaner work wonders in breaking down and eliminating the build-up of soap scum, food particles, and mineral deposits, leaving your dishwasher spotless and odor-free.

One of the standout features of this product is its ease of use. The simple instructions make it a breeze to clean the dishwasher without any hassle. All you need to do is place a treatment packet in the detergent compartment and run a normal cycle. The cleaner does all the hard work, saving you time and effort.

Not only does the Smart Choice 10SCPROD02 Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner deliver exceptional performance, but it also provides excellent value for money. The 6 treatments mean you can keep your dishwasher clean and fresh for an extended period without buying cleaner frequently.

Overall, the Smart Choice 10SCPROD02 Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner is a must-have for anyone who wants their dishwasher to perform at its best. Its efficient cleaning power, easy-to-use design, and cost-effectiveness make it a product that stands out in the market.

Safe for septic systems
Safe for septic systems, dishwashers, and the environment
Works on all dishwasher brands

Only available at one retailer
Only available in the US

Usage: 1-12 hours
Size: ‎2.75 x 4.3 x 6.25 inches
Package: 6 Treatments
Scents: Light Lemon
Brand/Model: ‎Smart Choice ‎10SCPROD02
Inside Cleaning: Yes (Liquid)


Frigidaire ReadyClean Dishwasher Cleaner

The Frigidaire ReadyClean Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner is a popular choice for running your dishwasher smoothly. Its six tablets in a pack offer great value for money. The white tablets easily dissolve in the dishwasher, leaving no residue or unpleasant smells.

Its probiotic formula sets this cleaner apart from others on the market. The use of probiotics helps to break down food particles and eliminate odors, leaving your dishwasher fresh and clean. The tablets are also safe for all dishwasher brands, making it a versatile option for households.

Overall, the Frigidaire ReadyClean Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain the efficiency and cleanliness of their dishwasher. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to use and provides noticeable results.

Effective at removing hard water stains and build-up
Continues to clean after use
EPA Safer Choice certified
Continues to clean the dishwasher even after it’s been used
Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program

Tablets are larger and harder to dissolve
Tablets are more expensive than other cleaners

Weight: 5.6 ounces
Feature: Natural
Size: 8.8 x 8.5 x 1.6 inch
Number of tablets: 6
Scent: Lemon
Use: Dishwasher


Finish Original Dishwasher Cleaner​

The Finish Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their dishwasher in top shape, with its deep cleaning action and ability to prolong the machine’s life. Each pack comes with 8 bottles containing 250ml of the powerful cleaning solution.

One of the standout features of this dishwasher cleaner is its ability to effortlessly remove grease, limescale, and build-up from both the visible and hidden parts of the dishwasher. This ensures that dishes come out spotless and helps to maintain optimum performance.

Furthermore, using this cleaner regularly prevents the accumulation of residue and issues arising from the dishwasher.

Overall, the Finish Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is a highly effective product that delivers excellent cleaning results and helps prolong your dishwasher’s lifespan. It is a worthwhile investment that will save you time and money in the long run. Visit the Finish Store today and experience the difference for yourself.​


Suitable for cleaning a dirty dishwasher
Available in bulk
Effective at removing hard water build-up and soap scum
Good for periodic maintenance


No fragrance options
Strong smell​

Weight: 0.21 Kilograms
Form: Pac
Usage: Deep Cleaning
Size: 250ml
Count in pack: 8​

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ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets​

The Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler, 24 Pack by ACTIVE Store, is a fantastic product that does exactly what it promises. As someone who constantly struggles with keeping my washing machine clean and odor-free, I decided to try these deep-cleaning tablets, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Not only did these tablets effectively clean the inside drum of my washing machine, but they also removed any build-up and residue from the laundry tub seal. The best part is that they are septic-safe and eco-friendly, which aligns with my values of being conscious of the environment. With a 12-month supply, I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. Overall, I highly recommend the Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler 24 Pack by ACTIVE Store to anyone looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution for keeping their washing machine clean and fresh.​

Septic-tank safe
Septic safe
EPA Safer Choice certified​

Some people might not want to add another chore to their list
It can leave a smell after use​

Product size: 2.36 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches
Type: Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets
Compatibility: All washers
No bleach: Yes
Scent: Unscented​

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Finish Ultimate Dishwasher Detergent​

Finish Ultimate Dishwasher Detergent delivers exceptional cleaning power with its CycleSync™ Technology. These dishwasher tablets come in a convenient pack of 38, making it a good value-for-money option. Whether baked-on grease, tough stains, or dried-on food, this detergent ensures sparkling clean dishes every time.

The Finish brand is renowned for its quality and reliability, and this product lives up to its reputation. Its advanced formula effectively removes all traces of food residue, leaving no spots or film behind. The tablets dissolve quickly and thoroughly, providing a hassle-free dishwashing experience. It makes dishwashing a breeze and leaves dishes looking and feeling brand new. I highly recommend the Finish Ultimate Dishwasher Detergent for efficient and spotless cleaning results.​

Cleans well without a rinse aid
#1 recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers
Recommended by more dishwasher brands than any other detergent brand
It cleans exceptionally well, even with hard water
Recyclable packaging​

Hard-to-remove “showcase stains”

Weight: 1.37 Pounds
Quantity: 38 tablets
Technology: CycleSync™
Recommended: Yes, #1 in AM
Usage: In the most challenging conditions​

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How Often Should You Clean Your Dishwasher?

Keeping your dishwasher clean is crucial for its performance and longevity. But how often should you clean it?

  • Experts suggest cleaning your dishwasher at least once a month to prevent build-ups of food particles, grease, and debris.
  • The frequency may vary based on your dishwasher usage and water hardness.

Choose the best cleaner for your dishwasher:

  • Dishwasher cleaner tablets dissolve stubborn stains and residue effectively.
  • Vinegar is a natural, cost-effective option to remove mineral deposits and odors.
  • Baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive to scrub away grime.

Routine maintenance is key:

  • Clean and inspect filters regularly.
  • Check for clogs in spray arms.
  • Ensure the door seal is clean and intact.

Regular cleaning and maintenance keep your dishwasher running smoothly, improving efficiency and preventing issues. Aim to clean once a month or as needed with an appropriate cleaner for optimal results.

How to Use a Dishwasher Cleaner?

If your dishes aren’t sparkling clean, it’s time to clean your dishwasher. Here’s how:

  1. Empty the dishwasher and wipe down racks and utensil holders.
  2. Shake the cleaner bottle and pour it into the detergent compartment.
  3. Run a hot water cycle to allow the cleaner to circulate.
  4. Some cleaners may require an additional rinse cycle.

Follow your dishwasher’s manual for specific instructions. Using a dishwasher cleaner regularly ensures efficient performance and clean dishes.

Signs Your Dishwasher Needs Cleaning

Is your dishwasher performing poorly? Look out for these signs:

  • Decrease in cleaning efficiency.
  • Lingering odor.

Keep your dishwasher clean:

  • Use a vinegar and baking soda combination to remove grease and odors.
  • Clean filters and spray arms regularly.

Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and longevity for your dishwasher.

Is Vinegar Harmful to Dishwashers?

While vinegar can effectively clean dishwashers, it’s essential to use it cautiously:

  • Vinegar’s acidity can damage rubber or plastic seals and gaskets over time.
  • It may affect stainless steel components.

Opt for cleaners formulated explicitly for dishwashers to prevent damage and ensure safe operation.

Do You Need to Rinse Dishes Before Using the Dishwasher?

While pre-rinsing isn’t always necessary, it’s recommended to remove excess food scraps:

  • Prevents clogs in the dishwasher drain.
  • Ensures efficient operation.

Invest in a quality dishwasher detergent and occasionally use a rinse aid for cleaner dishes with minimal effort. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.


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